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The Realogy Board of Directors has an an Audit Committee, a Compensation Committee, an Executive Committee and a Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.
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Below is a summary of our committee structure and membership information. To read more about any of the committees, click on committee names in the chart below.
Chairperson Chairperson Committee Member Member Financial Expert Financial Expert
Chairman of the Board Chairman of the Board Lead Director Independent Director Vice Chair Lead Independent Director
 Audit Committee Compensation CommitteeNominating and Corporate Governance Committee
Richard A. Smith Chairman of the Board  
Biography PhotoRichard A. Smith
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President

Richard A. Smith has served as our President and Chief Executive Officer since November 13, 2007, as Chairman of the Board since March 2012, and as a Director since our separation from Cendant in July 2006. Prior to November 13, 2007, he served as our Vice Chairman of the Board and President. Mr. Smith was Senior Executive Vice President of Cendant from September 1998 until our separation from Cendant in July 2006 and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cendant's Real Estate Services Divi... 

Michael J. Williams Vice Chair Financial Expert *
Biography PhotoMichael J. Williams
Lead Independent Director
Chair, Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee

Michael J. Williams has been a Director and a member of the Audit Committee and the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee since November 1, 2012 (and as Chair of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee since August 2013), and a member of the Compensation Committee since January 7, 2013. Mr. Williams also has served as Lead Independent Director (or Presiding Director) since November 2013 and for three months prior thereto served as the ad hoc Presiding Director. Mr. Williams ... 

Committee Member Committee Member Chairperson
Raul Alvarez  *
Biography PhotoRaul Alvarez
Independent Director

Raul Alvarez has been a Director since August 2013 and has served as a member of the Compensation Committee since December 2013 and a member of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee since May 2016. He is currently Chairman and Representative Director at Skylark Co., Ltd., a Japanese-based operator of restaurant chains. Mr. Alvarez served as President and Chief Operating Officer of McDonald's Corporation from August 2006 until December 2009. Previously, he served as President of Mc... 

  Committee Member Committee Member
Fiona P. Dias  *
Biography PhotoFiona P. Dias
Independent Director

Fiona P. Dias became a member of our Board in June 2013 and has served as a member of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee and Compensation Committee since August 2013. Ms. Dias is currently Principal Digital Partner at Ryan Retail Consulting, a global consulting firm, and has held that position since January 2015. Previously, she was Chief Strategy Officer of ShopRunner, an online shopping service, from August 2011 to October 2014. Before that, she was Executive Vice President, ... 

  Committee Member Committee Member
Matthew J. Espe  *
Biography PhotoMatthew J. Espe
Independent Director

Matthew J. Espe joined the Board in August 2016. Since February 2017, he has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Radial, an omnichannel commerce technology and operations provider. Prior thereto, he served as the president and chief executive officer of Armstrong World Industries, Inc., a publicly traded global producer of flooring products and ceiling systems, from July 2010 until March 2015 when Armstrong split into two companies. Before joining Armstrong, he was chairman and chief exe... 

V. Ann Hailey Financial Expert *
Biography PhotoV. Ann Hailey
Independent Director
Chair, Audit Committee

V. Ann Hailey has served as a Director and Chair of our Audit Committee since February 2008, and as a member of our Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee since October 2012 and a member of our Compensation Committee from October 2012 to December 2013. From July 2012 to March 2014, Ms. Hailey served as President, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Famous Yard Sale, Inc., an on-line marketplace for celebrities to connect with their fans by offering items in a virtual... 

Chairperson   Committee Member
Duncan Niederauer  *
Biography PhotoDuncan Niederauer
Independent Director
Chair, Compensation Committee

Duncan L. Niederauer has served as a Director of the Company since January 2016 and Chair of our Compensation Committee since May 2016. He is currently a managing member of 555 Capital, an angel investment fund, the non-executive Chairman of Scenic Advisement, LLC, which provides advisory services to private companies, and a founding partner of Mountain Top Advisory Group, a professional services firm focused on professional athletes. He previously served as chief executive officer of NYSE E... 

Sherry M. Smith Financial Expert *
Biography PhotoSherry M. Smith
Independent Director

Sherry M. Smith became a member of our Board in December 2014 and has served as a member of the Audit Committee since her appointment to the Board. Ms. Smith served as chief financial officer and executive vice president of SuperValu Inc., a grocery retailer and food distributor, from December 2010 until August 2013. She previously served as senior vice president of finance from 2006 until 2010, and before that as senior vice president of finance and treasurer from 2002 until 2005, and in var... 

Committee Member   
Chris Terrill  *
Biography PhotoChris Terrill
Independent Director

Chris Terrill joined the Board in July 2016. Mr. Terrill is the Chief Executive Officer of, a wholly owned subsidiary of IAC, and a leading nationwide home services digital marketplace that helps connect consumers with home professionals in the United States, as well as in France and the Netherlands under various brands. He has served in that role since May 2011. Prior thereto, he held senior marketing positions at, the leader in the direct-to-consumer diet spa... 


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